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African | Rwanda Basket | Sisal Basket | Purple


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African | Rwanda Basket

These handcrafted baskets are pieces of art. Each one takes several days to make. They are handwoven by skilled women in Rwanda.
All of our woven baskets are created from natural dyed sisal fibers woven over a core of local grasses. The weavers begin in the middle of the basket, carefully weaving the sisal to create a beautiful design. In addition to making a beautiful table display or catchall bowl, these baskets can also be hung as wall art individually or in multiples to create an amazing wall display. Great for your boho chic décor. Mix and match with others in the shop to create an amazing boho look for your space.


Approximately 3"Tall and 11.5-12" Diameter

Wall Hanging
Table Display
Fruit Bowl/Basket
Catchall Bowl

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